Mend-A-Mold Instructions

The mold mender designed and formulated specifically for repairing plaster ceramic molds.


 A one-part ready-to-use adhesive that works equally well on both wet or
 damp molds. Just apply Mend-a-Mold on the broken pieces and press


Apply pressure while adhesive sets - a rubber band or banding strap may used. Be sure to remove any excess adhesive from inside of mold with wet sponge.  After 2-3 hours, your mold is read to use.


Mix together mold plaster and cold water to replace missing part of mold.  (The plaster and water mixture should be equal parts by weight.  Remember, powder is dry weight and water is liquid weight.)  You should have approximately 5-10 minutes working time.


Apply a thin layer of APT-II Mend-a-Mold to area of your wet or damp mold that you need to reconstruct.  Immediately apply the new plaster mix to the area.  When the new plaster has set up, sculpt back detail area.  NOTE:  If a mold is deteriorated to the point of crumbling, no product can achieve 100% restoration.

In the past, everything from condensed milk to Elmer's waterproof glue has been used - and with some degree of success.

Disadvantaged of Using Milk or Glue

Condensed milk grows bacteria in your mold and comes apart leaving mildew on surface and sour odors after a few castings.

Elmer's waterproof glue is so thick that you're unable to get a tight fit, which results in a larger seam line.  Also, the moisture absorbed into the mold during slip casting is trapped behind the waterproof glue film, causing the greenware to hang up in mold and not release properly.  Also, the greenware will have a hot spot where water has not absorbed correctly.

Advantages of Using Mend-a-Mold

Mend-a-Mold prevents bacteria growth.

Mend-a-Mold allows water from the slip to pass through the glue film without releasing the glue.  Therefore, the mended area eliminates hard spots on the greenware, and ensures the mold will release properly when emptied.

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